Allday Everyday offers a variety of services. If you are interested in a service that is not shown, please contact us and we can possibly provide the service you require.

As each client’s needs are different, we pride ourselves in working with each client to assess the needs and suggest ways of making satisfied customers loyal customers. We provide fast, professional and confidential services at a reasonable price. 

Database Design and Management Services:
Allday Everyday can set up an Excel database with your required information (company name, contact name, address, important phone numbers, website addresses, etc). The spreadsheet can be emailed to you for your use. We can also use your database to send out personal letters, greeting cards, print labels, or send email newsletters. 
Desktop Publishing Services
Books, manuscripts, family histories, recipe books, interviews can all be prepared as camera-ready material ready to be sent to the printer for publishing. We can also help you with your email newsletters, flyers, policy and procedure manuals and presentation materials.
Mailing Services
Allday Everyday can take care of all your mailings needs, from the design, printing, preparation of the mailing, to delivery to the post office. Or, maybe you want a personalized letter to your client base. We can merger your database with your personal letter, address the envelopes, fold, stuff, seal and affix postage, taking this time-consuming project off your hands. 
Transcription Services
Allday Everyday can transcribe your material from recorded dictation or rough drafts. We can then email the completed transcription to you for your review and editing. 
Word Processing Services
All types of typing services including, but not limited to, reports, term papers, letters (individual or mail-merged), resumes and cover letters.